It’s the biggest party night of the year!  The night when you forget about all of the up and down  times from the  year, and move on to the next with new ambitions, resolutions, and a clean slate.  You’re organising a great night, and you’ve worked hard this year, so you deserve it to be rockin.  Here are some things to keep in mind when organising your New Year’s Eve shin-dig.






If you’re hosting at home, make sure you’ve got enough room to accommodate all of your invitees.  When utilising outdoor space, make sure that you have enough undercover area in case the weather turns sour.  Marquees are a great option for providing extra cover.  Let your neighbours know that you’re hosting a party.  Even throw them a courtesy invite!  Can you work the pool into the party theme?  It’s hot, and it’s a great night to go for a swim – New Year’s Eve pool party!  Make sure you’re pets are in an isolated or quiet place away from the party, or ship them off to a kennel or friend’s house for the night.

If hiring a space (hall, function room, bar) make sure you have access with plenty of time for setup.  Will you need to clean up that night, or can you come back the next day?  Check if you need to hire furniture/equipment for the party –  i.e. chairs, tables, glassware, and know what the closing time, or curfew is for your venue.  Venues such as bars, clubs, rooftop areas are popular, so make sure you book early.  Community halls are a great option for hosting a party, that may not book out early


checkboxFood and Drinks



Your guests are typically staying longer on NYE than your average party, so make sure that you’re well stocked for food.  If having the party catered, make sure you’ve factored in longer than usual staff hours.  Keeping food cool/hot for longer may require hiring extra refrigeration or food warming.  Finger food is always an easy option to serve to guests throughout the night, without hurting your wallet.  Drinks are always a vital part of NYE parties, so make sure you’ve got plenty of ice, eskies, and fridge space.  Hire a mobile cold room to take some of that stress away.  Beer and wine are the usual selections, but slushie/cocktail machines are also an excellent idea for NYE.  Fill it up, turn it on and let it take care of the rest.  Your guests will love it!  Hand made cocktails are also a great idea if you can dedicate or hire someone on the night as bar staff





If you’re looking for a great party atmosphere, set-up some party lights or strobes inside (or on a flat outside area) for dancing, and to give the area some atmosphere.  Mount any party lights high and out of the way shining down on the ground, so that people can’t block it out.  Use some fairy lights, or festoon lights for outdoor areas to create some excellent ambience.  Suspending fairy/festoon lights above head in an outdoor area looks fantastic and is an easy way to transform an outdoor area





Jukeboxes are as popular as ever, and for good reason.  Give your guests the ability to choose the music, as well as lay down some inebriated karaoke as the night evolves!  Hiring a band is also a great option as there are a tonne of talented cover bands around.  Ask for a sample of their music, and their song list to make sure that they’ll be able to provide the right mood.  If you’d rather not spend the cash, set-up your sound system and connect a smart device.  Use the wifi to connect to apps such as Spotify or Pandora to pick a great mix of music based on your requests – both free apps!


checkboxDance Floor



Your guests won’t hesitate to bust out a few terrible moves on NYE.  You can facilitate and encourage these atrocities by providing a dance floor area.  Typically somewhere flat will do, but ideally a little smooth also (it’s tough to Moonwalk on pavers).  Don’t try and make a dancefloor on the grass, that’s not cool.  You could even hire a great dancefloor – they can come in plastic, parquetry, or even LED coloured light panels


checkboxSeating and Tables



Hiring tables and chairs are a great option, but keep in mind that your guests won’t mingle as much.  They’ll be enticed to stay in their seat.  Remember, rectangular tables are great for functional seating, but round tables are more social and engaging (though less efficient in utilising space).

Create a more social atmosphere by scattering dry bar tables around your area to encourage people to stand up, mingle, and socialise.  Use rectangular tables with full length cloths as set-ups for food, cutlery, crockery and glassware.


checkboxDecorations and Party Supplies

party supplies


NYE parties are perfect for going over the top with the decorations.  The more, the merrier!  It’s a celebration, deck the space out with whatever you can get your hands on.  Make sure you’ve got a good stash of party poppers and terrible party hats for when the clock strikes midnight.  People expect those novelty items at NYE parties!


checkboxThe Countdown



There’s nothing worse than nobody quite knowing when to start the countdown.  Or worse still, missing the moment all together!  Settle on how you’re going to countdown, be it radio, TV, or a central clock on display with the time for everyone to see.

Happy new year!