The days of plastic cups and inevitable beer-pong matches are long gone. You are an adult now, and have decided it is time for you to start throwing adult parties. The only problem is, you have no idea how to do this. Here are some party tips to get you started in the right direction!

Set the Mood


You want your guests to walk into your party and think, ‘damn, this classy’. This first impression is crucial and can be achieved with a few simple steps:
First up, lighting. If you’re throwing an outdoor party running into the evening, a delicate, classy touch is to put up some fairy lights. This will give a warm glow to the area, putting a twinkle in the eye of your thoroughly impressed guests. Mood or strobe lights are also appropriate for different kinds of parties, just choose your desired atmosphere and light to match.


Magical night under the fairylights ?… great food, even greater company and lots of ???…

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Secondly, you need a theme and some consistency. Are you going with a rustic motif or more of a high tea vibe? Matching tables, chairs, table settings and glassware are a big hit if you’re trying to sell the adult-who-has-their-life-together look, but mismatched and hipster can work too, just as long as you keep it clean and consistent.



The third important mood setter is the little touches. Flowers for the tables, place cards if you’re having a sit-down dinner, etc. You want everything to be deliberate and functional and beautiful to achieve the desired effect of wowing your guests as they arrive.




Don’t let your guests get bored! Prepare a few activities that will give them something to do and talk about. A dance floor or karaoke machine are good options for the more lively crowds, otherwise just plan some fun party games that don’t involve downing a schooner of beer, like a treasure hunt or maybe a murder mystery.



Food & Drink


Unfortunately, BYO doesn’t quite cut it for a classy affair. Ensuring you have nibbles and a few drinks to pass around will really step up your party game, so rent a barbecue or bain marie, hire some ice buckets and serve to impress!



You are now ready. Go forth and throw a party your mother would be proud of (and one you could actually invite her to).