Outdoor weddings can be a stunning way to celebrate your love amidst nature, but what if it rains? Well, rain is a big part of nature, and there is no reason why a little shower should ruin your big day.


The most important thing to do if you are planning an outdoor wedding is to prepare for the rain. I’m not just talking a week before when you get the weather forecast; you need to be on this from the get go! Hire a marquee and make sure there are both hot and cold food and drink options for the day, in case the turn in weather brings an unexpected chill. Send little ‘Chance of Rain’ cards with the invites so that your guests know to bring a coat and an umbrella, and, most importantly, make an alternate plan with your vendors! This will ensure that the day runs smoothly, no matter what the sky has to say about it.



If you have left it to the last minute and a freak storm is approaching – DON’T PANIC! There are plenty of last minute steps that can add an even more intimate feel to your wedding. First of all, make sure you inform your guests of the situation – an informed party is a functional party. Buy some matching umbrellas and gumboots for you and the wedding party – with a special flair for the bride and groom of course. If you planned a reception under the stars, hire a marquee and light plenty of candles, and put up some more fairy lights to give your venue a cozy, warm feel.


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The most important thing to do is embrace the rain. There are so many perks to having a rainy day wedding, just so long as you take advantage of them all! The rain will take away the heat which will stop hay fever and flowers from wilting by the time you reach your reception.



Instead of all the fuss accompanied with moving the wedding inside, just get married in nature as you intended. It makes for some amazing wedding photos and brings an excitement to your wedding. Oh, and don’t worry about the dress/suit – you only get married once! Make it count! Get wet and have some fun, feel the romance of cuddling your new spouse in the rain, and remember to laugh about it!