Halloween is here! AKA another excuse for a killer party! Here are some spooky ideas to make this Halloween party your creepiest one yet!

The Graveyard Experience

Operation rolling fog. Foginator 2000 is a success!! #halloween #halloweendecorations #halloweentime #fogmachine #fog

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The number one best thing to do at a Halloween party is bust out a fog machine. Strategically place some makeshift tombstones around and about and you have a spooky setting to die for!


Spiked Punch


Whether for kids or adults, punch is a crowd favourite at parties. To add a little distress to your drink fill a latex glove with water and freeze it to make an eerie floating hand. Other nifty ideas to amp up a witches brew are to put blueberries inside lychees to make floating, fruity eyeballs, or if you’re feeling brave add some dry ice to the mix to make fog flow over, just make sure it is completely melted before serving or it really will be a catastrophic concoction!


Gory Games

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Whether it’s bobbing for apples or wrapping the mummy, add some ghostly games to liven up the night. Just because you’re dressed like the dead, doesn’t mean you have to party like them!


Scary Snacks

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As always, my number one rule is to FEED YOUR GUESTS! On Halloween, there is no better way to do this than with some creepy canapés. Whether it is a theme cake or creepy cookies, arrange a party platter to keep all your ghouls, ghosts, and guests happy. Just don’t overdo it on the sweets, make sure you have some savoury in there to satisfy everyone -sausages wrapped in puff pastry make monstrous mummy snacks!


Petrifying Playlist


Make sure you have some startling songs on hand to play throughout the night. If the mood starts to fall, crank the volume and get a dance floor going with a classic terrifying tune such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller.


Goody Bags!



Let’s face it, every adult on Halloween is secretly wishing they could trick or treat their way to a bag full of free lollies. Arrange some goody bags for your guests to take home at the end of the night, it will bring a smile to everyone’s face.


If you follow this list of tricks and treats your Halloween party is sure to be a wickedly wonderful one! Happy Halloween!