Below is a collection of some of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to our services.
If you have any questions that are not on this page, please feel free to contact us.

donna cerca uomo Cagliari Are your prices on your website current?
The prices listed on our site are always 100% current. If prices change, the website will be the first media updated.

donna cerca donna Torino Are the prices listed on the site a ‘daily hire’ rate?
Typically the majority of our business occurs over the weekend. The rates listed on the site are for a weekend rate (pick-up/delivery Friday, and return/collect Monday). Hire periods during the week vary, but as a general rule of thumb, the rate applies to a three-day hire.

donna cerca uomo Teramo Do you deliver to my suburb?
We are able to service most suburbs in South East Queensland. Delivery charges are dictated by your suburb’s distance from our store at Virginia. For more information on delivery, see ‘Delivery Info’.

uomo cerca donna Cava de Tirreni My party is on a Saturday/Sunday, when will you deliver?
We deliver items for weekend events Thursday or Friday prior to your event. Saturday morning, or outside of hours deliveries are also optional (additional delivery charges may occur).

uomo cerca donna Portici Can I collect the items from your store?
By all means. If you find that you aren’t able to return them, you can arrange for the items to be picked up.

What do I need, in order to hire items for my function?
We require a credit card number as a security bond. This will not be charged unless breakages or cleaning fees occur. Proof of address (driver’s license) is also required if picking up items from our store.

When do I pay for my items? Do I need to pay a booking deposit?
A booking deposit might be required depending on the size of your order, or even the items that you require. If you are collecting the items from our store, payment on collection is acceptable. If delivery is to occur, payment prior to delivery is required.

Do I need to return the items clean?
Yes, please. At the very least, a quick rinse/wipe out of courtesy. Additional cleaning charges may be applied for items returned dirty.

If I damage/lose an item, do I have to pay for it?
Yes. As soon as you take possession of the item, the wellbeing of that item becomes your responsibility. If the item is damaged or lost whilst in your possession, you will incur the replacement/repair costs.

What are the replacement costs?
Naturally, this is dictated by the specific item. If you are concerned about replacement costs, please ask our staff prior to hiring.

If I place an order online, is it final?
No. A staff member will contact you via email as soon as possible advising you of the availability of the items, and a final price for the order.

Your prices are considerably lower than some of your competitors. Is there something wrong with the equipment?
Absolutely not. We endeavour to provide the best quality equipment, with the lowest possible price. Our items are modern and kept in excellent condition. The photos of each item on this site are accurate.

You have most of the items I need, are you able to get the others?
Naturally, it is sometimes easier to get everything for your function from the one place. We can usually cross-hire a particular item if we do not stock it, to complete your order for you. We’ll deliver it with the rest of your items, or have it ready at our store for collection. Contact us for more information.

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