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peniksen keskikoko suomessa Suburb delivery estimates:

дева крем за бюст

par söker par i Hagfors Above prices include delivery and pick-up

* Delivery charges may vary based on site access, and if outside of hours delivery is required.
* If suburb is not listed, please contact us for an estimate.

  • Delivery for a weekend function typically occurs Thursday or Friday.
  • Pick-up for a weekend function typically occurs Monday or Tuesday.
  • Items must be stored in a secure, dry place under cover. Items on hire are the hirer’s responsibility and will incur a replacement charge if lost or stolen.
  • Deliveries and pick-ups with limited site access, or up flights of stairs may incur additional charges.
  • Deliveries and pick-ups outside of hours incur additional charges.
    (contact us for an estimate)
  • Delivery recipient does not need to be home to receive the delivery, however our drivers must have access to a storage area for the items and payment must be received prior to delivery.
  • Delivery and pick-up times cannot be guaranteed, though we will try our best to accommodate.

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